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All week circulated a strong rumor about one of the participants of Nuestra Belleza Latina. Julian Gil was in El Gordo y La Flaca but dared not mention names as they investigated the source of the images that would endanger the girl.

Rumors began to gain strength and Giselle Blondet wanted to share the information with viewers in the first gala of the season. The hit was the Dominican Audris Rijo who did not stay silent to become clear. “On the photographs I had knowledge. Obviously they had no good intentions with them. They are part of my private life. All of us human beings have a right to a privacy and I want you to know that those photographs do not detract from my dignity as a woman,” he said.

Julian wanted to give it another opportuny to Audris and eliminated Ecuador’s Karina Correa. The public will decide with their vote whether to support the Dominican who auditioned in Miami.

Below we show Audris Rijo naked photos that caused this controversy. They were posted on a Twitter account and here they are. (Note: if you want to see larger photo click on them first and then, when the next page opens, press again for larger size)

 Audris Rijo Audris Rijos fotos comprometedoras Audris foto Audris Rijo fotos 2py9k68 u7u7u

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  2. Mayra Rojeda - 21 mayo, 2013 2:31

    Me pregunto q le ven de bueno??? Estan locos, estas no son fotos de una mujer casada, soltera una hace lo que quiere, pero casada es su deber respetar a su marido, si alguien lo ve normal es porq de seguro le estan haciendo lo mismo al marido. Nadie la juzga, pero eso no se hace siendo casada.


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